Sang-youl, P, Peterson-Francis, C, Mosquna, A, Jin, Y, Volkman-Brian, F, & Cutler-Sean, R 2015, Agrochemical control of plant water use using engineered abscisic acid receptors’, Nature, February 2015, pp. 001-004. Malaysian Meteorological Department 2009, Climate Change Scenarios for Malaysia 2001-2099, Malaysian Meteorological Department, Malaysia. Yosef, H 2002, Green Revolution, International Food Policy Research Institute, viewed … Continue reading References


As one of the 9 thrusts building the National Biotechnology policy, agricultural biotechnology is the fastest progressing field of biotechnology studies in Malaysia. On top of that,  the policy itself implies the importance of research in agriculture field in Malaysia. Most importantly, the agricultural biotechnology sector in Malaysia projected crops improvement as one of the … Continue reading policymaker


Starting off a scientific research, facilities and resources are two of the limitations factor in scientific discoveries. In other words, funds are the fundamental aspect that will determine the flow of the whole research. In context of implementing newly discovered technology in Malaysia agricultural field, it is a must for the research to be highly … Continue reading Investor

As a Journalist

The number of human population worldwide is expected to increase to up to 9 billion people by the year 2050. Currently, Malaysia total population was estimated at 30 million people and is projected to increase to 36 million people by the year 2030 (United Nations Population Division 2015). The discovery made by a group of … Continue reading As a Journalist